Night of the Zombie Goldfish


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Night of the Zombie Goldfish

Harrison, Paul

New York, NY Scholastic 2012

55p b/w

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Funny, light-hearted monster stories that are perfect for young readers, brought to us by the esteemed Dr. Roach.

Judd Crank and his friend Zak are two ordinary boys, in an ordinary town, with some very ordinary goldfish. Judd never thought much about his pet fish, besides sometimes needing to feed them.

But when a science experiment accidentally gets mixed in with their food, these regular pets start becoming a lot more interesting. With a series of bubbles and pops, the slimy fish start growing and changing. Then they step right out of their tank -- and begin marching towards town.


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Harrison, Paul


Night of the Zombie Goldfish


New York, NY Scholastic 2012


55p b/w


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